Tord has more than 30 years experience as an environmental and occupational health scientist, primarily as an academic, but also as international civil servant and independent consultant. Tord was a university senior lecturer and later professor at the University of Auckland for 15 years, served 8 years as epidemiologist at the World Health Organization (WHO, Geneva) followed by 4 years as Director of Global and Integrated Environmental Health in the same office.

Since 2002 Tord has worked partly in Australia (for the Australian National University) and partly in Sweden (for the National Institute of Public Health), in addition to consultancy projects for government agencies in Australia, New Zealand, and Sweden and for WHO. His research work has produced more than 300 published reports, and Tord has been keynote speaker at numerous national and international conferences.

His research, teaching and consultancy work has covered health issues such as: lead, cadmium and mercury poisoning; asbestos cancer; air pollution; traffic accidents; road transport; urbanisation; globalisation; sustainability; health indicators; health equity; and climate change. The current research work focuses on direct heat exposure effects in relation to climate change, total public health impacts of road transport and of urbanisation.

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