In March a team of NZ Centre for Sustainable Cities researchers made a presentation to Wellington City Councillors and staff based on a report the group wrote for the Council on a study of the provision of public green space in the central city in relation to current and projected future population levels.

During the well attended presentation the team answered questions on a wide range of policy, design, funding and implementation issues about green spaces in the central city.

Following this, over the period of the COVID-19 lockdown, the presenters collaborated on a public summary proposal to follow up some aspects of their recommendations as a post-COVID recovery project. This was posted on the Scoop Wellington website. The team was pleased to see Wellington City Council subsequently approve twelve roading and green space projects for implementation, supported by the NZ Transport Authority’s Waka Kotahi –Innovating Streets for People fund.

Read the team’s report:
Paul Blaschke, Ralph Chapman, Elaine Gyde, Philippa Howden-Chapman, Jenny Ombler, Maibritt Pedersen Zari, Meredith Perry & Ed Randal (2019). Green Space in Wellington’s Central City: current provision and design for future wellbeing. NZ Centre for Sustainable Cities.

See the team’s presentation:
Blaschke, P., Pedersen Zari, M., Chapman, R., Howden-Chapman, P., Gyde, E., Ombler, J., Perry, M. & Randal, E. Green Space in Wellington central city: is there enough for our future wellbeing? (2020). Wellington.

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